event description and schedule

The Hanapa'a Project event, themed Changing of the Tides: A Shift to Self-Awareness and Empowering Communities in STEM, was an interactive, non-conventional, connection-forming, tension-releasing event. The event included an art and identity project for participants to express themselves, a rage activity offering catharsis through throwing paint-filled-water balloons at walls labeled with relevant issues, a mindfulness activity that offers tools and resources, a connection activity for fostering relationships with your fellow attendees/SOEST students and a community building group exercise where you can connect with the larger group and tell your own story. Please see the schedule below.

09:45am-10:00am registration check-in, food pickup

10:00am-10:15am event description, welcome address 

10:15am-11:15am opening activity (Kamuela Enos)

11:20am-11:50am first activity

11:55am-12:25am second activity

12:30am-01:00pm third activity

01:00pm-01:20pm chat break

01:25pm-01:45pm fourth activity

01:50pm-02:05pm keynote speaker (Barbara Bruno)

02:05pm-02:30pm closing notes, raffle, survey