The Hanapaʻa Project was established in remembrance of the late Korey Wong, a recent graduate of the Global Environmental Science (GES) program and a treasure to all who knew him. Hanapaʻa means to "secure or fasten," a word to remind us of the values and beliefs Korey stood for regarding protecting Hawaiʻiʻs resources.

We are inaugurating the Hanapa’a Project together with the Department of Oceanography, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. The word hanapa’a can be used in Korey’s favorite activity of fishing or interpreted in a more figurative way. The word resonates for us. We want to secure what Korey stood for.

The Hanapa’a Project will feature an annual event organized by students in the Global Environmental Science (GES) and other SOEST programs. This year, many of Korey’s friends are also actively involved. The students will give voice to their beliefs, challenges, and closely held aspirations. The themes and activities are expected to be different year to year. However, there will always be a focus on Hawai’i, the ocean, the environment, personal strength, connection, community, mental health, inclusiveness and the future.

We hope that the current SOEST students find the experience of attending to be rewarding and inspiring. 

If you are a current SOEST undergraduate student and are interested in participating in the planning and execution of future events, please contact